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Report a Bug

Gwibber isn't perfect yet, but we are making it better all the time. We depend on our users to help us find bugs and come up with new features. If you find a bug, please submit a report to our issue tracker on Launchpad. Please remember to tell us what version of Gwibber you are using and what steps we should take to reproduce the bug.

Follow Gwibber

You can get news updates about Gwibber by following us on Twitter and Identi.ca. You can also become a fan of Gwibber on Facebook. For more detailed information, be sure to check out our blog.

Gwibber Team

Gwibber is made possible by the following developers:

Ryan Paul (segphault)
Ken VanDine (kenvandine)
Dominic Evans (oldmanuk)
Alexander Sack (asac)
Greg Grossmeier
Fabien Tassin (fta)

Friends of Gwibber

Gwibber is enriched by enthusiastic community members who contribute in a multitude of important ways. The following is a list of some of the people who have been especially helpful.

Milo Casagrande — localization
Jorge Castro — awesomeness
Jakub Szypulka — artwork
Ian Weller — Fedora packaging
Andrew Wafaa — openSUSE packaging